Clubtix Online Event Ticketing


Clubtix offers three package as shown below. There's no limit on the number tickets sold per month. However if you think that your event is likely to exceed 10,000 tickets sold in a month please contact us.

Clubtix Merchant Services

Clubtix merchant services are provided in association with PayPal. Please allow up to 30 days for your payments to be processed through Clubtix. This is to protect us and you from credit card fraud. Depending on activity we may also reserve the right to withhold funds for extended periods beyond the 30 days. We would inform you in advance if this was likely to happen. For information on transaction fees please see the example above.

Clubtix Live Support

Clubtix is here to answere order related support requests.

Zero Fraud Tolerance

Clubtix has a zero tolerance of fraud and will any suspend and/or cancel your account if we suspect or here reports of any form of fraudulent activity by yourselves or your affiliates. We will withhold all funds and contact the authorities at our discretion.

Sporting Events

Please note that Clubtix is unable to help you sell tickets to sporting events of any nature.

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